What is Brain Health Institute

Brain Health Institute (BHI) is an initiative of the Institut Guttmann that aims to transfer over fifty years of its accumulated knowledge and experience in neurorehabilitation to the whole range of neurological pathologies in a comprehensive, personalised way, ensuring scientific rigour and accompanied by its characteristic hallmark of quality.

Brain Health Institute (BHI) is a comprehensive innovative healthcare initiative. Through its expert interdisciplinary teams, it aims to offer all its knowledge and the world’s most advanced clinical techniques that are currently available to provide patients with the best and most effective diagnosis and specialised treatment of neurological diseases and their effects on the functionality of the people who suffer from them.

The Institut Guttmann wishes to add other prestigious professionals in the field of neuroscience to this project in order to expand upon the care it currently offers and orient it towards seeking innovative solutions to one of the main challenges faced by our society today, according to the WHO: “Maintaining the functional capacity of the nervous system.”

Brain Health Institute aims to promote brain health, make an early diagnosis of neurological and psychiatric disorders, propose the most advanced techniques to deal with each particular case, offer specialised, intensive and person-centred neurorehabilitation that is designed to restore, improve or compensate for functional deficits derived from a neurological injury, while advising, accompanying and providing the best services of care and accompaniment to patients and their families throughout the different stages of the process.

With all this in mind, BHI offers a broad portfolio of services that, with the aim of promoting health, functional autonomy, quality of life and the social inclusion of people affected by processes with a neurological origin, are initially structured into the following clinics:

  • Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury Clinic: Created to provide personalised, intensive and innovative specialised services that promote the restoration or improvement of functionality affected by a neurological injury; the different medical, physical, cognitive and/or behavioural problems derived from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, chronic neurological pathology or neurosurgical intervention, among others, are comprehensively addressed.
  • Neurodevelopment Clinic: Designed to offer a differential diagnosis, the most appropriate therapeutic care in each case and pedagogical orientation for families with children and adolescents with neurological and/or psychiatric problems, learning difficulties, congenital neurological problems or any other disorder deriving from a brain and/or spinal injury.
  • Emotional and Behavioural Disorders Clinic: The aim is to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach for patients with mood disorders (depression, anxiety, stress…) or behavioural problems (psychosis, phobias, obsessions…). Early diagnosis, personalised advice, therapeutic plans adapted to each person and situation, follow-up programmes and accompaniment for the affected person and their loved ones.

The following will soon be added:

  • Brain Health Clinic: Oriented towards the creation of personalised health plans and accompaniment programmes to promote healthy habits that favour brain health.
  • Movement Disorders Clinic: Specialising in the specific diagnosis and specialised treatment of motor control disorders (Parkinson’s, ataxia, dystonia, involuntary movements, etc.), with the most advanced diagnostic technologies and therapeutic techniques suitable for each person and at each stage of the disease.
  • Epilepsy Clinic: Focused on the diagnosis and comprehensive monitoring of this pathology both in adults and young people, and also in children, paying special attention to psychological, cognitive and behavioural problems deriving from epilepsy.
  • Memory Clinic: Specially designed to offer and provide comprehensive and holistic programmes for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of problems with memory and other cognitive functions, which may be a consequence of Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Personalised programme to tackle emotional problems, training and support for patients and their families.

This initiative uses the Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic® service platform to guarantee the application of the most innovative, effective, personalised treatments at all times, with a proven scientific basis and the Institut Guttmann quality guarantee.

A pioneering initiative in Spain, and one which aims to be an international benchmark in neuroscience.