Professional team Guttmann Barcelona Life

To implement this model, the team of professionals at Guttmann Barcelona Life is made up of people – trained by the Institut Guttmann itself – who are experienced in caring and centered on the person atention, as well as the support staff needed to guarantee the safety of users.

The EASE team of the Institut Guttmann (Assessment and Specialised Support Team in Neurorehabilitation) will also play a relevant role. It is made up of nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and a doctor who work in a systematic and coordinated way with the management of Guttmann Barcelona Life to promote community participation, help personalise support products and on-site automated systems, as well as offer timely advice on disability-related issues.

Each service user of Guttmann Barcelona Life is assessed individually, taking into account their needs and preferences in order to live according to their own lifestyle, meaning that support products and home automation are implemented in a personalised manner in each case. However, everybody’s wishes are respected, considering the possibility that there may be clients who are not interested in being informed about or provided with support.