What is Guttmann Barcelona Life?

Guttmann Barcelona Life is an initiative of the Institut Guttmann designed to promote the autonomy and quality of life of people with disabilities who wish to have an active, inclusive independent lifestyle and live their life in their own way.

Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility consisting of a group of fully adapted and automated apartments that offer a wide range of complementary services tailored to each user. In addition, the initiative provides a complementary portfolio of personal and support services specifically aimed at promoting personal autonomy.

Autonomous living in line with your own lifestyle

This facility allows people with a physical disability or reduced mobility to enjoy autonomous living, exercising their self-determination within a context of inclusion and social participation, and adapted to their own lifestyle.

In addition, the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments are an excellent option for dependent individuals who are seeking a safe, comfortable environment that aids their personal autonomy.

Guttmann Barcelona Life aims to provide an innovative response to one of the needs of people with disabilities: promoting and supporting independent living. The Institut Guttmann wishes to use its experience and historical commitment to the service of people with neurological disabilities to help support this aim.

Guttmann Barcelona Life is located in a modern purpose-designed building, standing on the site of the old Institut Guttmann in the neighbourhood of La Sagrera, a strategic point of the new part of Barcelona and with excellent connections to the main public transport networks.

A modern Neuroclinic, Guttmann Barcelona, has been built on the ground floor of the building, from where the Institut Guttmann will continue offering its specialised, intensive, comprehensive and personalised neurorehabilitation services, available for other neurological pathologies in addition to acquired brain injury, such as neurodegenerative diseases, dementia, mental health, child development and learning disorders in children.

A person-centred care model

The Guttmann Barcelona Life approach is based on promoting autonomy and independent living following the individual’s own lifestyle, with a person-centred care model that respects and encourages their autonomy so that they can integrate and participate actively in the community. Both the service offered by the healthcare professionals and the technical and personal support provided within the apartments are aimed at respecting the choices made by the service users, ensuring their dignity and right to self-determination; this way of doing things is characterised by the paradigm of the integrated person-centred care model.

“Integrated person-centred care is that which seeks to achieve improvements in all areas of the person’s quality of life and well-being, based on full respect for their dignity and rights, and on their interests and preferences, for which it is necessary to count on their effective participation.”

Promoting independent living.

The main aim of Guttmann Barcelona Life is to provide people with disability and/or reduced mobility with an environment based on a service offering apartments with personalised support services that promote and facilitate the development of a model of independent living and guarantee the individual’s capacity for choice and quality of life in an inclusive and participatory context.

The aims of Guttmann Barcelona Life:

  • Providing its clients with a quality environment to live in, with safe and fully adapted apartments.
  • Favouring self-determination, self-control, personal autonomy, equal opportunities and personal independence.
  • Encouraging the active social participation of its clients.
  • Offering tools and support for integration into society and employment.
  • Improving the quality of life of people with functional diversity.

In short, Guttmann Barcelona Life wants to provide people with disabilities and reduced mobility with an environment that allows them to live their own high-quality independent lifestyle, one which is tailored to their needs and is as safe, autonomous, participatory and satisfying as possible.

According to the philosophy of Independent Living, the inspiring principles of Guttmann Barcelona Life are:

  • Self-determination
  • Empowerment
  • Personal autonomy
  • Self-management of supports
  • Peer support
  • Community participation

The project is based on the promotion of personal autonomy and independent living for the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities.

To achieve its objectives, Guttmann Barcelona Life is based on the principles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations:

  • Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy, including the freedom to make one's own decisions, and the independence of people.
  • The non-discrimination.
  • The full and effective participation and inclusion in society.
  • Respect for the difference and acceptance of people with disabilities as part of diversity and human condition.
  • The equality of opportunities.
  • The accessibility.
  • The equality between men and women.
  • Respect for the evolution of the faculties of children with disabilities and their right to preserve their identity.

The project promotes the right to live independently and be included in the community, recognized in Article 19 of the Convention, which establishes that people with disabilities should have the opportunity to choose their place of residence and where and with whom to live , on equal terms with the others.