What makes Guttmann Barcelona Life unique?

We are inspired by everybody with a dependency, physical disability or mobility problem who wishes to have an active, normalised independent lifestyle and live their life in their own way.
This is the commitment of the Institut Guttmann, a socially advanced innovative project offering adapted apartments fitted with the latest technology which seeks to help each individual to live their life in their own way. Because it’s not just about living somewhere, but about having a space to live in and share.


This initiative has been entirely designed and brought to life to promote a model of independent living and the social participation of people with a physical disability and/or reduced mobility.


All the facilities, from the points of access to the different services and common spaces, and of course the apartments themselves, are fully accessible and fitted with automated systems. They offer all levels of essential technical support, which is personalised for each user to ensure their safety, provide a high level of comfort and offer the highest possible level of functional autonomy.


In addition to offering basic services to support its users, Guttmann Barcelona Life offers a wide range of optional personal and complementary services aimed at helping them carry out their daily activities following the wishes and specific needs of each individual as closely as possible.


Its services, centred on the individual and with the Institut Guttmann quality guarantee, are aimed at encouraging the decision-making capacity of users themselves, promoting their empowerment, preserving their privacy and favouring their social participation.


It offers the possibility of receiving additional and optional specialised, intensive and personalised neurorehabilitation services in the modern clinical care centre that the Institut Guttmann runs on the ground floor of the same building.