Admission criteria

Anyone who expresses a desire to live in Guttmann Barcelona Life must, in all cases, undergo a personal interview with the Technical Manager of the centre and the team of professionals considered most appropriate so that they can make a personalised assessment of each case and meet the needs of service users in order to ensure maximum suitability and quality of service.

The assessment looks at both the patient’s needs for support and the availability of his/her own means to cover this support. Therefore, the services that will be needed by the individual to ensure their personal and material autonomy alike will be determined in this interview.

The following will be essential requirements:

  • To have been favourably assessed by Guttmann Barcelona Life’s professional team as a person with a suitable profile to live there. The team will assess each case on its own merits, validate candidates’ acceptance and establish priorities when allocating the apartments. Check out the profile of a Guttmann Barcelona Life user.
  • The existence of documentation proving the patient’s degree of disability and/or reduced mobility issues will be taken into account.
  • Candidates who are accepted must validate and sign the residential service contract. Failure to comply will mean the loss of status as a user of the apartments.