Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility aimed at people with dependency, disability and/or reduced mobility, with fully adapted and automated apartments offering personalised services, all in a modern building in the ideal location in the city of Barcelona and fully accessible by public transport.

Environmental control system, customised home automation, a range of support products, fully-equipped and motorised kitchen, 24h specialised personal support services...

At the same building there is Guttmann Barcelona - Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, a highly specialized care center to provide the best diagnosis and advanced treatments to respond to functional problems, both motor, cognitive and behavioral, that affect people with a neurological disease or some kind of neuropsychiatric disorder.

Guttmann Barcelona Life promotes a model for independent living that guarantees the ability to choose, personal autonomy and quality of life in a normalised context.

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You can now download it for Android and IOS and make your personal arrangements faster and easier from your phone.

In line with its wish to continue improving the care and quality of life for people with physical disabilities, the Institut Guttmann has opted to create a unique and innovative residential clinical complex on the site of the old Barcelona hospital.

The Institut benefits from over half a century of the experience of its healthcare professionals in the fields of neurorehabilitation, neuroscience and disability, and in the use of cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and the most advanced technologies.

The Guttmann Barcelona Life approach is based on the promotion of an autonomous life according to the own lifestyle, with a person-centered care model. Both the performance of the professionals and the technical and personal supports in the apartments are aimed at respecting the user's decisions by ensuring their dignity and the right to self-determination; a "way of doing" characterized by the paradigm of the Person-centered Model.